Year: 2017

“The Mystery List”

“The Mystery List”      On the shiny new black floor at the nearly empty local fitness center was a small piece of paper.  It stood out because the entire facility was so neat and clean.  “Should I pick up

“Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired”

“Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired”      The yoga teacher graciously began her yoga class with a hacking cough followed by the statement “Don’t worry, I’m not sick.  I just have allergies.”  Occasionally, I will hear the

“Tortoise vs. the Hare”

“Tortoise vs. the Hare”      Years ago, a mentor expressed to me the solution to adapting to the stress of being busy was to “slow down”.  “Slowing down” sounds like a crazy, contradictory solution to taking on more of

“Helping the Helpers”

“Helping the Helpers”      A dear friend and colleague of mine made a shift in his chiropractic practice to helping patients with type 2 diabetes.  During a recent phone conversation, he shared two stories that are as dramatic as

“Dis-ease: The Opposite of Ease”

“Dis-ease: The Opposite of Ease”      My mother, like so many moms, was “Super Mom”.  She was supportive, loving, and made home-cooked meals that acted like medicine.  “No time to be sick” was her mantra for her and her

“Healing Begins From the Inside Out”

“Healing Begins From the Inside Out”      This will probably create more mystery than it will solve.  Here it goes anyway:  years ago, I asked our parish priest if Jesus healed others from the inside out or the outside

“Become Your Own Superstar!”

“Become Your Own Superstar!”      Did you run out to get your Milli Vanilli reunion tour tickets?      Milli Vanilli is known for their hit song “Girl You Know It’s True” that came out in 1989.  Like a

“The Gift that Keeps on Giving”

  “The Gift that Keeps on Giving”      Years ago, an elderly grandmother had a system for giving gifts at Christmas and birthdays.  Regardless of your age or significance of the birthday, you received a check for $5.  I

“Stop Killing Yourself”

    “Stop Killing Yourself”      One of my favorite sayings is from Mother Teresa. She said “You can’t give from an empty cup.” She could just have easily said “Stop killing yourself” because both quotes imply the same

“Keep Calm and Drive On”

“Keep Calm and Drive On”      While heading to the Fort Lauderdale airport at the end of a relaxing vacation, the taxi driver worked hard to contain his need to swear.  “People here in South Florida are the worst