Year: 2015

Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?

     So much to do; parties, holiday celebrations, people to see, family and friends. Certainly not a time to get sick when fun is to be had.      Starting with Halloween week, the sickness, often in the form of the

Fries with That Adjustment?

     A young man sought chiropractic care for low back pain that was too persistent for a 28 year old on the go. Ned was someone I had known for years so there was a natural trust between us. He had

We’re Having an Ava Hour!

Join us on Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00 pm Ava Anderson ~ quality products without the harmful chemicals. Call today for details!

When Are You Getting Married Jimmy?

     “When are you getting married, Jimmy?” my cousin politely asked. In an Italian family, the “y” gets added on to the end of each boy’s name and forever remains. My cousin noticed the look of fear on my face and

Your Body’s Long Memory

     Have you heard the story about the older couple who goes for marriage counseling? The wife’s complaint is “he never tells me he loves me.” The marriage counselor followed that up with “Why don’t’ you tell her you love her?”.

Is it Our Nature to be a “Doubting Thomas”?

     Perhaps our fear of being made a fool makes all of us natural doubters. You may recall the bible story in which Thomas states that without seeing Christ in person and touching the nail marks, he refused to believe in

Is it Your Flu and Cold Season?

     The smell of a bonfire or burning leaves instantly brings me back to my childhood. As neighbors would routinely burn their leaf piles, the fall air held its unique smell. Fortunately, there is less leaf burning these days as awareness

Life Begins Before Sex

     Recently a relative shared a quote from her father. I remember her father as this old, wise Italian man. The quote from him to his daughter shortly after marriage was, “If you want to start having babies, start now by

The Baby is on Time (the Dr’s Time)

     Years ago when attending Palmer college, we had a wise professor brought in to teach us a course on obstetrics and gynecology. What made this teacher unique is she was an experienced obstetrician from New Zealand. The only thing I

Reinforcing a Healthy Lifestyle

     Recently while dining out with a group of people, a man in his 40’s bemoaned his recent onset of low back pain. His concern, naturally, was the persistence of the condition. His longtime friend quickly requested he look to the