Year: 2014

You can choose a better future

     An elderly gentleman dropped his wife off and waited in the car. With a history of heart disease that required heart surgery and ongoing cardiac care, he could sense the ominous nature of his symptoms. He struggled out of the

Welcome to Paradise!

     Imagine stepping into paradise. It begins by stepping onto a beautiful marble floor that leads you into a large room with floor to ceiling glass walls. This allows you to glance out over the water into the endless ocean

Summer is Over

     Summer’s over and it is time to put away Alice Cooper’s record ranting “schools out”. Actually it’s back in session and we have a request of teachers, parents and grandparents. Get out the yard stick and get back to


H.E.A.L. Health Education Awareness Lecture Wed., August 20th, 2014 at 7:00 pm Mager Chiropractic Center The Magic Within Your Body Your health will always be your greatest wealth. With health insurance costs totally out of control, you can learn ways

Freedom Summer

     Welcome to the summer of 2014. Looking back at summers gone by can bring an interesting perspective on how we think.  Perhaps, don’t think is more appropriate.      The summer of 1964 is known as “Freedom Summer” because of an effort


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Are You in a Rut?

     Years ago, a young couple sat across from each other at McDonalds.  As they ate their burgers and fries, they were amazed at all they had in common.  He remembers thinking how easy it was to spend time with

Body, Mind and Spirit

     Which came first, the chicken or the egg? When you have the answer, explain why we say body, mind and spirit. Why not spirit first? Is it as simple as, it just doesn’t sound right?      I recall a

Moving Well is Your Greatest Strength

     Have you ever met someone you couldn’t help but like? They show up in your life, teach you a lesson and then move on.      I first met Jason at a gym where I was lifting weights. Jason was

Your Leg Length Reveals Life is Messy

     There is a myth that your leg length should be perfectly even for your body to work in a balanced way. It certainly sounds logical that having perfect balance in your body leads to better health. The reality is it