Year: 2013

Location, location, location

     Want a better quality of health? Adopt the real estate rule of value: location, location, location. When it comes to health, the rule is lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.      The medical model of care has given us every excuse as

Flu season arrives shortly, why now?

     So much to do: parties, holiday celebrations, people to see, family and friends. Certainly not a time to get sick when fun is to be had. Starting with Halloween week, the sickness, often in the form of the flu, arrives.

Does Stress Kill or Save Your Life?

     The answer is yes to both. While reading the excellent book, “Spark” by John Ratey, M.D., on the benefits of exercise, he shared a study that revealed low doses of stress, even radiation, actually causes the nervous system to

The Secret of Health

     While scanning the obituaries in the Post Gazette recently, listings for a couple instantly drew my attention. The husband was 75 and the wife 72. Although listed on the same day, they actually died a little over one month

Let’s Get Personal (Stress truly kills)

     It was disheartening to see Rob Wyda’s obituary listed in the Post Gazette on August 8, 2013. Rob was only 54 years young, the picture of health, with a positive, kind attitude to match.      Although Rob was the

Beat the Expectations

     Oprah is famous for using this principle – blasting beyond anyone’s expectations with her generosity and ability to live and work in a BIG way. Do you remember how she launched her nineteenth season in September 2004? When it

Less Pain, More Health

     Here is a trick question for you. Last year approximately 1 million people bought a ½ inch drill bit according to building supply store surveys. So here is the question. Last year, how many people wanted a ½ inch

To Have a Healthy Future You Have to Forget About the Past

     To Have a Healthy Future You Have to Forget About the Past      Any great invention requires that the inventor saw something that was possible in the future. It was just waiting for their vision and abilities to bring the

The Keepers of Your Posture

     As another school year is winding down, I am reminded of a gift that teachers used to provide our society that has gone by the wayside. The intent of this blog is not to criticize teachers, it is to

You, Pope Francis and Kentucky Fried Chicken

     What do you have  in common with Pope Francis and good old KFC? Did you know Colonel Sanders presented his special chicken recipe to the world at 68 years of age?  He waited what many consider a lifetime to