Year: 2012

Can the wrong thing ever be done the right way?

     Recently while speaking to an energetic group of high school students on health and wellness, the subject of soccer headers came up. It was strongly recommended to the group that hitting a soccer ball off of the head was

Say Thank You to Highmark

     As one of my dearest friends always says, “why can’t we all just get along?” With that in mind, why can’t we all just thank Highmark?      Highmark, through its recent actions on numerous fronts, is begging us to

Is your child’s soccer coach stealing their future?

     What a great sport soccer appears to be for young children. Although it requires a high level skill and athleticism to play as an adult, the feeling of success can come quickly for the youngest of children. Baseball is

Tennis, Life Champion Receives Chiropractic Care

     Although more focus is put on guilt by association, success by association is equally prevalent. How many people thought themselves successful because they had the honor of a lunch with Bernie Madoff or talked football with Jerry Sandusky? A

Silence is Golden

     Occasionally someone will tell me, “I hate crowds.” There is something to be said for sitting in the peace and quiet of your home. I readily admit that I could also feel right at home sitting at Consol Energy

Goodbye Tuna Melts!

     Several years ago I traveled all morning to get to Sedona, Arizona. Feeling totally famished, I sought a late lunch in a small deli in the heart of town. For some reason a tuna melt appealed to me and

True Chiropractic Confessions ~ I never cured any disease!

     It is always interesting whenever someone begins a sentence with “the problem with.” What follows typically is a strong, well established opinion. One of the most intriguing “the problem with . . .” that I have ever heard is

Facing the Firing Squad

     In this month of celebrating the life of Abraham Lincoln, I stumbled on a story from Lincoln’s time that indirectly applies to today.      A young soldier, William Scott, was sentenced to death by firing squad for dereliction of

The Missing Ingredient from New Year’s Resolutions

     Why don’t New Year’s resolutions work for most people? Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, we all resolve to be better at one time or another. The joke among gym users is “be patient in January while the