“The People We Meet”

The People We Meet

     A broken-hearted young mother presented herself in a natural state of stress.  With tears close to the surface, she shared how she had recently lost a baby.  It was easy to see the hurt was overwhelming her.  It was also easy to see the comparison between her and the patient that followed.  She was an elderly woman who had buried two of her kids at a young age.  Having been battle tested by grief, her sorrow began to show in a different way.

     This elderly patient has both a peace and strength that radiates from her.  When in her presence, you can’t help but feel she has discovered the secret to life.  She is a lover of family –including her husband of forever – and is so quick to give gratitude, especially to her steel like faith. 

     The trick question is how do we get that relentless faith and overwhelming presence of peace without actually suffering?  The answer is:  we don’t.  Life and health are all about adapting.  Every time I adjust you, I am in essence checking how you (your nervous system) are adapting to the challenges of life.

     The young woman who lost her baby is a remarkable person who also has a great family life.  My guess is she will adapt in a way where she becomes a source of peace and strength to others who may be experiencing heartache.  She will gradually take on the role of the elderly hero who has sought supportive chiropractic care for 37 years and counting.