“The Mystery List”

The Mystery List

     On the shiny new black floor at the nearly empty local fitness center was a small piece of paper.  It stood out because the entire facility was so neat and clean.  “Should I pick up the mystery paper or leave it alone?  Is it a check or something important or just carless litter?” I thought to myself.

     I picked it up and found a short grocery list.  Some forethought was put into putting pen to paper. Here is the list:

-Peanuts               -Olives

-TP                         -Energy drink

-Ice cream            -Coke

-Lettuce                -Pepsi

     It was profoundly odd, perhaps incongruent that such an unhealthy list of grocery items would be found on the floor of a fitness center.  Playing Detective Columbo, I suspected the neatness of the list came from a woman, likely a young adult.

     I couldn’t help feeling concerned for this person’s health future.  How will an M.D. handle this person’s future health issues?  Here is the likely medical response:

  • Prilosec for intestinal disorders

  • Anti-anxiety medications

  • Type II diabetes medications

  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories.

     This person’s diet is what is referred to as an inflammatory diet, which causes joint and muscle pain, frequent upset stomach, anxiety due to lack of sleep and Type II diabetes.  The patient will likely be told these conditions, especially Type II diabetes, “run in the family” – as if genes are the cause.  Of course they run in the family because families tend to eat the same diet.

     The chiropractic solution:  check the nervous system to see how weak and irritated it is.  This would be followed by directive to the patient to stop killing themselves so they can live a fuller life that won’t require any medications.  So often it is a choice – a lifestyle choice – to honor the best of you.