“Tortoise vs. the Hare”

Tortoise vs. the Hare

     Years ago, a mentor expressed to me the solution to adapting to the stress of being busy was to “slow down”.  “Slowing down” sounds like a crazy, contradictory solution to taking on more of life’s challenges.  With further consideration to this, have you ever heard the expression “running around like a chicken with its head cut off”?

     As I grow older, slowing down to “smell the roses” has become more appealing.  Run, run, run and stress, stress, stress is not as alluring as it may have been in my 20s.  It reminds me of a line from a Neil Young song that went: “When I was faster, I was always behind.” Seems it takes wisdom to slow down long enough to gain perspective.

     We have a test here in our office that assesses your nervous system’s tendency to run, run, run.  What a coincidence that learning to relax is a step towards improving your overall health.

     Here is a challenge for you:  Over the next two weeks, practice driving the speed limit.  Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?  Slow down so you stick around.  We believe in you and your future.