“Helping the Helpers”

Helping the Helpers

     A dear friend and colleague of mine made a shift in his chiropractic practice to helping patients with type 2 diabetes.  During a recent phone conversation, he shared two stories that are as dramatic as a movie of the week.

     In one case, an older orthopedic surgeon requested my friend’s help in improving his health.  The surgeon told him, “I had to remove too many toes, feet, and even legs over the years due to type 2 diabetes.  I don’t want the same for myself.  Please help me.”

     In another case, an internist was asked by my friend: “How many type 2 diabetics do you have in your practice?”  “About 800,” the internist responded.  “How many get better?” asked my friend.  “Zero” was the answer.

     Months into his change of health (or shall we say “change of life”) program, the orthopedic surgeon has significantly improved his health bio markers.  “We don’t learn this stuff in school,” he told my friend.  In this case, “stuff” refers to how to be healthy.  Being healthy is a whole different approach from not being sick.  A different perspective will produce totally different results. 

     Think about updating your perspective to a healthy and energetic one.