100 Year Old’s Birthday Bash

     When visiting my mom recently, I was surprised to find she was on the upstairs floor of the nursing home attending a 100 year old’s birthday party. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity to visit my mom after driving an hour to see her, I chose to also attend the gathering. The party consisted of the guest of honor, 100 year old Francis, 4 of her family members, a few staff members from the nursing home and approximately 35 elderly residents. Most of the residents; including my mom, had no clue as to who Francis is.

     It turns out Francis may have been the most “with it” of the seniors attending her birthday party. When Francis was asked what it felt like to be 100 she replied, “Give me a week and I will get back to you. I just turned 100”. Most of us do not care to live to be 100, but I did want to know her “secret”. Her secret: “Do for others”.

     It is worth noting that although Francis is as sharp as can be she is in a wheelchair. All of the residents have been let down by their nervous system either by dementia, Alzheimer’s and/or inability to walk. The focus of chiropractic is to keep the nervous system functioning at the highest level possible. We don’t need to be 100, but we do need to enjoy any day, every day!