“What Do You Want?”

“What Do You Want?

        Ask a person what they want to change about their health and the answer is often “I don’t want to be in pain” or “I don’t want to be tired all the time.”  That is like answering the question “Where do you want to go on your vacation?” and the answer is “Well, I don’t want to go to New York.”  Get your mind focused on what you want.  It is a simple nervous system trick that will bring you higher level results.

        Set your compass – your will – to an elevated intensity to improve your overall health.  Decide what you want from your body, mind and spirit and stay focused on your desires.  These two practices will help you get the most out of your natural chiropractic care.

“Twin Killers: Aspirin and the Flu”

“Twin Killers:  Aspirin and the Flu”

            With flu season about to make its usual appearance, the cries to “get your flu shot” are as loud as ever.  People often ask me if I got my shot.  My answer is no, and, I have never had one.  I refer to the flu shot as “pixie dust”.  We are supposed to believe that the flu shot will keep us from getting the flu when all medical evidence points to mediocre results at best. 

            How did we get to this point of needing a flu shot?  Here’s a historical perspective:  in 1918 millions of people died from the flu.  Why the outbreak?  One contributor was the influx of sick and injured soldiers returning from World War I affecting the overall health of the American population.   Another less known factor was rampant use, or better stated “misuse”, of aspirin.  Aspirin was developed and patented by Bayer in 1897.  With the patent expiring in 1917, Bayer had to take action to boost their financial interest.  Aspirin became aggressively marketed to the medical doctors and patients.  The problem was no one considered the side effects.  Aspirin suddenly became the leading cause of death in children due to toxicity.  For those with the flu aspirin was touted as the solution.  Since aspirin interfered with the expression of fever, this natural and powerful response by the body’s immune system to combat the cause was reduced. 

            With one less tool to fight the flu, in this case fever, countless lives were lost.  If aspirin had not been so widely abused in 1918 we would not be so fearful of the flu today.  That, my friends, is the rest of the story. 

“A Health-Centered Worldview”

“A Health-Centered Worldview”

     If you had elderly grandparents who immigrated to America, their stories seem to be universal.  How familiar does this sound to your family?  My mother’s parents immigrated from Italy.  They came to America dirt poor, traveling with belongings that fit in a small suitcase and having minimal education.  To summarize, poorly educated and no money.  How did things turn out?  My grandparents built a modest house with a beautiful garden in the backyard.  The home had enough space to entertain their kids and a deluge of grandkids.  They raised a family in which most of the kids became well educated and affluent by their parent’s standards. 

     How does this happen, from dirt poor to great lifestyle?  They came to America expecting a better life.  They were told they were coming to “the land of plenty” and that’s what they expected to find.  Recent studies show a greater percentage of immigrants have a higher chance of becoming a millionaire than a person born in this country.  Why?  Part of the answer is immigrants come to this country expecting to experience the bounty of America.

     What does becoming wealthy when people migrate to America have to do with your health?  Our country’s view of health is the opposite of wealth.  The health belief system in this country is rooted in getting the right medicines and surgeries.  Although statistics indicate that many immigrants can experience a higher quality of life in America, other countries have a much healthier standard of living.  America’s infant mortality rate, for example, is the highest of all industrialized countries.  We are like the New York Yankees, spending more money than other teams but in this case finishing in last place.

     Let’s shift our wealth view to a health view.  We can expect to be healthier as we create healthier lifestyle habits that help us live a mostly drugless and surgery-free life.  It is so possible.  Make your health let you feel like a millionaire! Health is truly your greatest wealth.  Ask anyone whose health is bankrupt.

“Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?”

Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?

          So much to do:  parties, holiday celebrations, people to see, family and friends.  Certainly not a time to get sick when fun is to be had.

          Starting with Halloween week, the sickness, often in the form of the flu, arrives.  Why does the flu have to have a season similar to baseball, football and hockey?  Is it possible your diet really hits the pits beginning with Halloween?

          We start our sugar binge shortly after Halloween by eating the candy the trick-or-treaters failed to pick up.  This is followed by eating the fine desserts that come with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our Thanksgiving feast often spreads from one day of thanks to weeks of bountiful sugar treats.

          Combine the Hanukkah and Christmas feasts of sweet foods and we are in a nose dive to sickness.

          What’s the connection between sugar and the flu?  Sugar impairs the power of the nervous system and immune system to adapt to the stressors of life.  Anyone else out there find the holidays stressful?

          Enjoy the season with some self-discipline and you will find that you enjoy the season, with family and friends, even more.

“A Woman’s Superpower”


“A Woman’s Superpower”

          Have you ever heard of man’s intuition?  Neither have I.  Everyone knows the accurate phrase is “woman’s intuition”.  Intuition is a superpower that women seem to be born with.  Several women have commented, “I wish my husband would use his intuition.”  Do I believe men have intuition?  Of course, we do.  The question is do we use it as often and effectively as women?  Women may have this intuitive superpower, but it must be used and developed to have it be a “superpower”. 

          There is another superpower we are all born with.  Research studies show that only approximately 10% of the population uses this power.  What is it?  It is a health consciousness, a knowing that health always comes from within and the best health solutions are ones that challenge your health consciousness to develop.  Remember, only 10% of the population uses this superpower. 

          Here is a quick story about accessing this superpower.  A young married couple badly wanted to start a family.  When no pregnancy resulted, they sought medical help.  All medical test showed it wasn’t going to happen for this wanting couple.  They then sought help through chiropractic care.  Regular spinal adjustments to change the functioning of the nervous system resulted in pregnancy a year later.  In other words, the ability to conceive was possible all along.  It just needed to be expressed.  This couple accessed another consciousness, the superpower of health.  One of our goals is to help you develop this superpower within you. 

“Be More Present”

Be More Present

     As a kid, I was a frequent sleepwalker.  It was a bit unnerving for my family, but it didn’t affect me at all.  How about you?  Are you or were you a sleepwalker?  I gave up doing it in my teens, but I admit, like most, I must fight the tendency to sleepwalk through my life.  This oddly enough shows up as a tendency to take the people and places in your life totally for granted.  You know the expression “Been there, done that”?  We get in trouble with our life, relationships, and health when we are in the “taking it all for granted” mode.

     Recently, the Peters Township police department gave in to our societal tendency to take driving for granted.  A 3-way stop sign at a 4-way intersection left drivers cursing and beeping in frustration.  Drivers frequently did a stop and go, totally overlooking the through way on the lane ahead.  These drivers routinely drove through the stop sign because it was what they automatically expected instead of what the sign required.  The proper response would have required driving with more awareness and presence.

     Ask most mates and “more awareness and presence” would be what is needed to lift up the relationship.  Awareness and presence are the presents you give to yourself and those you love.  They are also the key to true wellbeing.  Give it a shot!

“What Does a Miracle Look Like?”


            In a world where information is spread so quickly, we can fall victim to wanting instant gratification.  McDonald’s wisely capitalized on our need for instant results.  Before you have completed giving your order to the cashier at McDonald’s, they have half the order sitting in front of you.  Can that possibly be good for you?  Still we seek instant results.

            Every once in awhile we get to witness “instant gratification” that may have taken 3, 5, or even 9 years to occur.  What does that mean?  We may see someone struggling with their health in a big way, year after year.  They are still doing a lot of the right things, yet appear to continue to get disappointing results.  Suddenly, as if it occurred in an instant, everything clicks for that person.  The positive change is even noticeable on their glowing face, a smile accompanied by shining eyes.  This is a victory of the most beautiful kind for many reasons.  First, the person is accessing their best self and, therefore, best future.  Secondly, it is a reminder to never give up on someone you know, and especially, love.  One of the coolest side effects of this “instant gratification” is when the person states, “I am off all meds.”  Now even the M.D. is dialed into the patient’s new-found health status. 

            Patience and persistence are universal keys to success.  This is where the Latin origin of the word patient comes from.  So, let us be patient and diligent in our common goal to achieve the optimum outcome for your health.  A miracle may be in the works.

“The Power of Patience”

“The Power of Patience”

        A man appearing to be in his early 50’s showed up at the gym in his warrior workout gear.  Black was the color of the day with a black shirt, black shorts, black socks, and black shoes.  With his belly protruding out of his workout shirt, he gets an “A” for effort and, perhaps, a “D minus” for style.

          A young man stood nearby patiently waiting for the weight bench.  As my friend finished her last set, the young man quietly stepped forward to use the bench.  The warrior workout guy flipped out because he wanted to use the bench.  A temper tantrum followed as tension filled the air.

          It took me years to learn the most important exercise in the gym.  It is, coincidentally, the most important exercise a parent can practice.  Even being a good driver depends on this one significant mindset.  What is the most important exercise?  Patience.  That’s right, exercising patience.  Learning to be patient, as well as to relax are golden qualities that are worth developing.  I have repeated often, “The patient person heals twice as fast.”

          Your body benefits from your patience.  Tension and tenderness are often the way your body shows how you are fighting through your day instead of finding the way to go with a powerful flow.  Forgive me for repeatedly asking you to master relaxation and patience.  We all need more of those two gifts.

“Selective Memory”


       “Selective Memory?”

          Do you have any memory of how you drove your parents crazy as a kid, especially as a teenager?  As we get older our memory goes through a natural progression of eliminating a lot of bad memories.  You think you were a generally good kid, perhaps an angel, and so do your parents.  Admit it.  You really weren’t a teenage angel.

          I appreciate the tricks my memory plays on me.  The biggest memory trick I see in practice is a person recalling an auto accident.  Often, I hear “It was only minor” or “I wasn’t hurt at all.”  If the accident happened years ago, many believe that since it is a vague memory it couldn’t possibly have any lasting effect on their body and health today.

          Does every auto accident damage your body?  I would say no, but most do.  The laws of physics do not change and the weight of a car moving at any speed causes a high amount of force to be absorbed by your body. 

          When a person shares with me, “Oh, that accident was so long ago it couldn’t cause any damage now,” my follow up is “Does a pro football player have any lingering effects 30 years later?” 

          Auto accidents require a high level of effort and persistence to overcome.  Time and action create change, not just time itself.  Be patient with us as we are patiently persistent in helping you overcome the effects of an auto accident.  You’re worth it!

“Torture Room”

“Torture Room”

     I am not going back.  This same thoughtful reflection was shared by two women in the same week.  The first woman was a lively, spirited 20-something reflecting on her first visit to this office.  The victim of multiple “minor” auto accidents that had robbed her of energy and even mental clarity, she decided to confront not feeling like a healthy, young adult.  School exams had become anxiety triggers as increasing concerns about her memory were creeping in regularly.  After complaining to her mother about how the first appointment here was “torture”, her mother wisely requested she be patient.  Two months later she was sharing how much she had improved mentally and physically.  Current chiropractic “visits are now torture free,” she happily stated.

     A lively, active woman in her 80’s, suffering sudden, incapacitating lower back and leg pain, shared with me how tough her recent visit was.  “I was in so much pain and when you did what you do (an exam and chiropractic adjustment), it seemed so much worse.  I said to myself, ‘I am not going back’.  That night, however, I slept so much better and the next day the leg pain eased.  I realized I needed to be patient and let chiropractic care help me get back to being myself.” 

     Forgive me if I sometimes fail to emphasize how much I believe in you and your ability to keep performing your life at your best.  I may be thinking it, but without communicating it you need to be a mind reader to know the truth.  Patience and persistence bring out the best in you.  Let’s do that together.