“Just One Kiss”


“Just One Kiss”

     The song lyric “Just one kiss” leads the imagination to what follows. “Just one kiss” plays out in our life with quiet regularity.  Is “just one kiss” a take off of “just one bite” of the apple provided by the devil to Eve in the Garden of Eden?

     You may be thinking the devil as a snake is just made up stuff that doesn’t apply today. Haven’t seen any talking snakes lately, have you?

     You know we all have the snake/devil within us.  Our spouse/partner/lover even wishes it came out less frequently at times. 

     Between the annual flu and this years version of coronavirus, we need to take a close look at the devil within.  The devil says: “Just one”……piece of cake, Pepsi or Coke, order of fries(and super size it), Netflix series that has you sitting 4 more hours, six pack of beer, bottle of wine, pack of cigarettes or one more prescription (instead of making lifestyle changes).

     It’s “just one”.  One isn’t many is it?  You are “just one” though.  How significant are you even though you are “just one.”  The flu gets us when we are weak and vulnerable . Covid has picked on so many with longstanding (chronic) diseases which appear to be lifestyle diseases. Underlying conditions called comorbidity has been associated with 90% of the Covid deaths.

     Take charge! It’s not too late, even if you are “just one”.  When it comes to your ability to overcome the vulnerability to Covid, you are the only “just one” that matters. 



     My mother worked at being the perfect mom; home cooked meals, strict disciplinarian, clean clothes and house.  Most likely, like your mom, lots of love, and guidance too. 

     One day cleaning the windows, she must have gotten distracted, leaving a screenless window open too long.  There didn’t appear, however, to be any consequences to leaving the window open and unwatched for a little too long. 

     While sleeping at night, this 9 year old felt something landing on my covers.  It was too dark to see anything but I felt it.  I pulled the covers over my head and wished it would stop landing on me.  Whatever it was, it was very real, even if invisible to my terrified mind. 

     The next day I warned my mother about my mystery experience while trying to sleep. She dismissed my story as childhood imagination or perhaps a bad dream.  Later that day a bat came out of its hiding place, scaring my mother near to death.  She had the presence of mind to open a window and shoo that bat out the window.

     Now we all walk around acting as if someone left the window open and an invisible bat is about to get us.  This invisible menace is Covid.  We wear our gloves and masks and be sure not to touch each other in case this invisible presence will reach out and harm us.

     Just as the bat landing on me while trying to sleep lead to overwhelming fear, to afraid to even scream, I see the fear associated with Covid as our biggest enemy.

     Some say “look at all the deaths.”  They, whoever they are, predicted 2.2 million deaths in America, “They” were wrong.  The truth is we just don’t know and anyone who tells you “they” know is lying. This includes the health czars, nationally and in Pennsylvania, who will remain nameless.  

     What we do know is it has never been a better time to truly work on being healthy. What does that mean?

     It means take charge of you.  Reduce your sugar intake, increase your exercise even if simply going for a walk (movement is power) and learn to relax the mind.  These are things we do know and we know they do work. Use the healthy values moms and grandmas teach. They were packed with super powers and so are you!    


“The Will”

“The Will”

        JFK was reportedly fascinated with America’s ability to put a man on the moon.  He consulted with Vernher von Braun, a top aerospace scientist about what it would take to accomplish this fete.   Von Braun replied, “Simply the will to want to do it.”

            This is also the first requirement to getting healthier.  Wanting to be healthier requires the will to reach your objective.  Your will to get better must be so strong that nothing including the pain, the lousy prognosis and diagnosis, the doubters, and all other obstacles can interfere with your dedication to yourself.

            It seems like such a simple thing to have the will to be healthier.  It isn’t as easy as you think.  Certain people have given in to the worst downs of life.  It doesn’t take a lot of will to sit and watch TV hour after hour.  The second commandment of being your best you, healthier and happier, is focusing on what you want.  Yes, what do you truly want?

“What If”

“What If?”

        What if your parents did your homework for you when you were a kid… and you got straight A’s?   What if your parents put together a science project for you for all to see… and you won the prize?  What if you instantly believed your parents when they told you there was a no boogie man under your bed?  Perhaps none of these are as earth shattering as “what if you had bought Apple stock when the company first went public?”  Still, what if…

          What if every time you went to the gym you paid a trainer to work out for you?  What if every time you got sick you asked the doctor for antibiotics so your immune system didn’t have to do the work?  Or, what if you believed in you and you did the work?  What if you exercised regularly and your trainer was in awe of your self-discipline?  What if you loved yourself so much (“love your neighbor as yourself”) you put the work in to allow your best to shine through?  What if you realized you are worth it?  What if you realized your body is a miracle producing machine, built to survive – and under your directions – built to thrive?  Hmm… what if.

“Make America Great Again”

“Make America Great Again”

     If you were expecting a political rant on the virtues and benefits of Trump as our president, think again.  “Make America Great Again” is a catchy slogan but my question is “how do we make America great again?”

     Since America is made up of individuals, what if we started with individuals, as in you.  What if we, as in each individual, committed to being healthier.  I realize someone else being responsible for your health is much easier, especially since you are already busy enough, but it will pay off for you. 

     Here is our current American way of thinking as it relates to health:  When you were a child, if you got sick you were given medicine, either from the medical doctor or the medicine chest. Makes sense doesn’t it?  You were sick so you took medicine. Then you grew up to be an adult and now most adults take medicines to stay healthy. Sick kid takes medicine. Healthy adult takes medicine.  What’s wrong with this way of thinking? Years ago, a patient who was on 10 different medicines put her health status at a glowing, robust, healthy 10. Hmm……

     Recently the local news featured a woman appearing to be in her 30’s, warning of the dangers of Covid 19. She stated, “I am a healthy person with no underlying health conditions and I got coronavirus. Now I need to learn how to walk again.”  As legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey would say, “What’s the rest of the story?”  The woman with “no underlying health conditions” appeared to be 60-80 pounds overweight. Her skin tone was a pasty white, indicating she was vitamin D deficient, therefore, leaving her immune system naturally vulnerable.  Unfortunately, this woman was on the news exclaiming “see, my health has nothing to do with me.”  IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOU! 

      This is the root of the problem. As a man said to me years ago, “I don’t have to be smart about my health. I just have to have a smart doctor.”  This was truly one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.   Make some hard choices for a change about your health.  Given the opportunity to win a million dollars if you had to tell someone how you could personally improve your health, you would most likely win the money.  You already know what needs done by you.  Step through your terror barrier and get it done.  We are here to help you.

Do You Possess a “Mysterious Strength?”


Do You Possess a “Mysterious Strength?”

     Would the following story describe your superpowers?  “A mob was about to riot in London. The chief of police, who radiated a mysterious strength, walked slowly toward the angry mob.  When he reached the first row, the mob fell silent and opened ranks. He walked right through them, unharmed.  The chief’s action was like releasing the air from a near bursting balloon.”  The above story by Mark Link reminds me of the pandemonium surrounding our society and the coronavirus.  Many take to social media, like a mob with a mob mentality, to share how bad things are, and only to get much worse.

     Many decades ago, a survey was taken of medical doctors who were asked to answer one question.  “Do you believe the mind and the body are connected?” 80% of the MD’s responded “No.”  When speaking to a group of Mt. Lebanon high school students, 100% responded “Yes” to the same question about mind-body connection. 

     Today we know the mind and the body are connected. We now also know the mind is in every cell in the body.  So, what about you. What messages are getting through from your mind to every cell in your body?  Is it one of fear and doom or trust that you’ve truly done a great job of taking care of yourself?  Practice bringing your mysterious strengths out when needed.  They are in there. While you are at it, be a source of strength to others.


“CORONAVIRUS: How to Survive and Thrive”



CORONAVIRUS:  How to Survive and Thrive 

     Currently, the coronavirus owns 99% of our attention.  Recently a young woman in her 30’s stopped by our office during our lunch break.  With our office manager in the back office, I set down my lunch and responded to the sound of our front door opening.  The young woman said “I’m here for my 12:30 appointment”.  I told her she didn’t have an appointment in our office, easy enough to determine since we never schedule patients during our lunch break.  “Yes, I do” she responded.  “I know I do.  It’s for 12:30 and I am so afraid to be out in this.”  As her head slightly shook from fear, she pulled her long sleeves over her hands in an attempt to cover her exposed hands. She was informed she was looking for the endodontist down the hall. She nervously left making sure no skin touched the door on the way out.

     So just what exactly is Coronavirus?  It is a living organism classified with properties of other viruses.  This differs from organisms such as bacteria or fungi.

     This invisible virus known as Coronavirus is alive and as such has one goal, to stay alive.  Isn’t that the goal of most humans during this pandemic?  How does coronavirus focusing on staying alive differ from humans?  Humans can also choose to not only stay alive but thrive.  A human being hopes to not only survive in their relationships but also thrive.  Coronavirus has no internal program to thrive. 

     In order for coronavirus to survive it must find a willing partner called a host that allows for its survival. Since coronavirus is a low energy, low vibrational frequency organism it needs a home in a host with a similar low energy, low vibrational frequency.  Going back to human relationships, do you choose to partner up with someone whose energy level is disproportionately different than yours? Do you typically find couples where one loves to watch TV 14 hours a day while the other is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro?  No. 

     So, if you are one of those low energy, exhausted, quite simply close to permanently wore out humans, coronavirus is looking for you.  Might this be why coronavirus deaths are mostly seniors who are not only old but suffer from multiple chronic diseases. In other words, survival was already a struggle prior to the coronavirus pandemic.   Is coronavirus real?  Of course it is.  Does coronavirus obey natural laws like every other organism on this planet, including you?  Yes, it does.  As such, if you behave like a coronavirus microorganism, with low energy, low vibration vitality, be concerned.  If not, relax and do your best to help others who are showing signs of just plain being wore out from life’s challenges.



“Creating a Healthy Mindset”

“Creating a Healthy Mindset”

          What does it take to stay healthy in these Coronavirus times?  The answer is the same as during any time of great fear, panic and hysteria.  It starts with a strong mindset.  A strong mindset requires you staying focused on your strengths.  The greatest discovery of all for you will be discovering the hidden strengths you keep within.   Secondly, develop or maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.  Walk, run, swim or whatever you love to do.  Get outside since vitamin D from the sun is a huge immune booster.  Lastly, maintain a healthy nervous system.  Your nerves run you and are the system that makes you truly unique.  Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, deep breathing exercises keep your nervous system functioning at a higher level.  What are behaviors that are the opposite of developing a healthy you?  Getting tuned into all the fear-based thinking going around.  Fear is the opposite of love and faith.  It’s helpful if a tiger is chasing you.  Otherwise, let it go.

            Taking antibiotics weakens your immune system.  A weaker immune system leaves you vulnerable to all types of infections.  It’s nice to hear some medical doctors are now posting signs in their waiting rooms stating “We will only prescribe antibiotics responsibly.”  What else will weaken you?  If you eat a sugary, carb-based diet, you also weaken your immune system.  Being sedentary weakens you. Become like a child and get out and play.  Lastly, smoking is an obvious health destroyer.  Smoking leaves your lungs more vulnerable. Reports are many of the Chinese who died from the Coronavirus were smokers.  The virus affected the lungs of its victims.  It always comes down to lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.  And a bit of luck.

“Are You Winning?”


“Are You Winning?”

     “Everybody loves a winner!” so the saying goes.  Are you “a winner” everybody loves?  Before answering that question, think about this:  what is Michael Jordan most famous for?  Is it his winning world championships with the Chicago Bulls?  Is it how he parlayed his sports success into billionaire status?  The story that is most often told about Michael Jordan is how he overcame getting cut from his high school basketball team.  In essence he was, and is, a winner because he is an overcomer.

     One of the strongest women I have ever met overcame the premature death of her son.  She moved on with faith and continues to create a great life full of family and love.  People can go through tough times with their finances and are challenged to overcome them.  More prevalent than financial stress is the challenge to overcome a health crisis.  All of us have faced or know a loved one who faced a major health obstacle.  It is how they dug deep within themselves to meet the challenge head on that adds to their attractability. 

     The beauty of chiropractic is how it helps you dig deep for the healing potential you already have within you.  It’s like mining for gold and the gold is within you.  Moving well is part of the process.  Relaxing more is always helpful.  Chiropractic helps with both of those.  More importantly, I believe is how chiropractic care helps you see the innate healing powers you already own but may not be accessing.  You have the potential to be a winner through overcoming.


“Stop the Madness – Part 2”

Stop the Madness – Part 2

     A woman had the knowledge needed to prescribe all-natural supplements to heal a host of illnesses.  She loved her natural supplements and despised the pharmaceuticals medical doctors are so quick to prescribe.  There was only one huge problem in her wholistic health plan:  she smoked cigarettes like a chimney. 

     You can’t be a little pregnant.  You either are or aren’t a faithful spouse.  There is no in between.  Do we tolerate the minister who gets caught with a prostitute?  You can’t say “I use heroin, but only occasionally, while feeling justified.”  The rules are universal, and there is enough knowledge and wisdom to figure out how to be healthy.  Nature doesn’t require perfection; however, exceptions to the rules are not tolerated well.

     A friend’s wife was into fitness and trained almost obsessively to have her body “looking” in perfect shape.  “Looking” is the key word because the focus was on her outside appearance.  On the inside, her body was constantly adapting to the diet soda she drank, which is one of many toxic drinks people consume regularly.

     The worst lie you can tell is the one you tell to yourself.  You know the truth.  Honor it in yourself.