“Are You Winning?”


“Are You Winning?”

     “Everybody loves a winner!” so the saying goes.  Are you “a winner” everybody loves?  Before answering that question, think about this:  what is Michael Jordan most famous for?  Is it his winning world championships with the Chicago Bulls?  Is it how he parlayed his sports success into billionaire status?  The story that is most often told about Michael Jordan is how he overcame getting cut from his high school basketball team.  In essence he was, and is, a winner because he is an overcomer.

     One of the strongest women I have ever met overcame the premature death of her son.  She moved on with faith and continues to create a great life full of family and love.  People can go through tough times with their finances and are challenged to overcome them.  More prevalent than financial stress is the challenge to overcome a health crisis.  All of us have faced or know a loved one who faced a major health obstacle.  It is how they dug deep within themselves to meet the challenge head on that adds to their attractability. 

     The beauty of chiropractic is how it helps you dig deep for the healing potential you already have within you.  It’s like mining for gold and the gold is within you.  Moving well is part of the process.  Relaxing more is always helpful.  Chiropractic helps with both of those.  More importantly, I believe is how chiropractic care helps you see the innate healing powers you already own but may not be accessing.  You have the potential to be a winner through overcoming.


“Stop the Madness – Part 2”

Stop the Madness – Part 2

     A woman had the knowledge needed to prescribe all-natural supplements to heal a host of illnesses.  She loved her natural supplements and despised the pharmaceuticals medical doctors are so quick to prescribe.  There was only one huge problem in her wholistic health plan:  she smoked cigarettes like a chimney. 

     You can’t be a little pregnant.  You either are or aren’t a faithful spouse.  There is no in between.  Do we tolerate the minister who gets caught with a prostitute?  You can’t say “I use heroin, but only occasionally, while feeling justified.”  The rules are universal, and there is enough knowledge and wisdom to figure out how to be healthy.  Nature doesn’t require perfection; however, exceptions to the rules are not tolerated well.

     A friend’s wife was into fitness and trained almost obsessively to have her body “looking” in perfect shape.  “Looking” is the key word because the focus was on her outside appearance.  On the inside, her body was constantly adapting to the diet soda she drank, which is one of many toxic drinks people consume regularly.

     The worst lie you can tell is the one you tell to yourself.  You know the truth.  Honor it in yourself.

“Learning to be Still”


“Learning to be Still”

     As a fitness fanatic in her mid to late forties sped from gym equipment to equipment, she paused to confront me.  “Two yoga classes… I tried but I can’t do it.  In one class, I think we were lying still for 10 minutes.  How is that exercise?!” This woman looked great and her fitness regimen was obviously working.  She’s not a pound overweight, has great muscle definition, and a ready smile that reflects a content person.

     Is it really that easy to say her exercise program is “obviously” working?  Just as a coin has two sides, our health approach requires two sides.  One side is the keep moving and fit aspect this woman appears to have mastered.  The other side of the coin is to learn to relax, be still, experience quiet, centering, or any other phrase you want to use.  I attempted to encourage this woman into continuing yoga by sharing that even the Eagles had a song “Learn to be Still.”  She wasn’t buying.

     We must be careful of always finetuning our strengths.  For some, work is their strength so that is all they focus on.  Slowing down long enough to be still or reflective can give us the opportunity to relate to others and even ourselves for the moment.   Do yourself a favor:  be still occasionally.  Your body communicates with me whether you are relaxed or not from the inside out.  Let your best flow from within.  Just as a flower grows from the roots to the blossom, you shine from inside out.  Be patient with the process.  The result is worth the time.

“Under the Gun”

“Under the Gun”

     During this recent December, a busy month for everybody regardless of what you are celebrating, I found myself “on the run”.  Sleep became more difficult resulting in an attitude of pushing through some days.  Amazingly, I suddenly become more aware of my self-talk.  I realized I used the word “run” all the time.  I am going to ‘run’ to the bank, ‘run’ to the gym, ‘run’ to the store.  I was “running” the same program and, consequently, training my nervous system to run.  This is the obvious opposite of relaxing.

     The side effect of “running” the mind on less restful sleep resulted in less energy.  This led to being less present and missing the magic of the moment.  This leads to becoming forgetful.  As author Mark Nepo states, “Slowness remembers, hurry forgets.”  Neil Young’s “When I was faster, I was always behind,” rings in my brain.

     When was the last time you responded to “How are you doing?” with “Under the gun.”  Under the gun can’t be a good visual or verbal message to send throughout your body.

     So, what I needed was an awareness reset!  I decided to eliminate the “running here, running there” attitude.  Consider slowing down.  Watch the crazy drivers darting from lane to lane passing everybody only to sit next to you at the next red light.  Our life is full of examples of nature and people in our life telling us to relax more.  You can do it.  Not even going to tell you to hurry up and decide now to slow down. 😉

“What Do You Want?”

“What Do You Want?

        Ask a person what they want to change about their health and the answer is often “I don’t want to be in pain” or “I don’t want to be tired all the time.”  That is like answering the question “Where do you want to go on your vacation?” and the answer is “Well, I don’t want to go to New York.”  Get your mind focused on what you want.  It is a simple nervous system trick that will bring you higher level results.

        Set your compass – your will – to an elevated intensity to improve your overall health.  Decide what you want from your body, mind and spirit and stay focused on your desires.  These two practices will help you get the most out of your natural chiropractic care.

“Twin Killers: Aspirin and the Flu”

“Twin Killers:  Aspirin and the Flu”

            With flu season about to make its usual appearance, the cries to “get your flu shot” are as loud as ever.  People often ask me if I got my shot.  My answer is no, and, I have never had one.  I refer to the flu shot as “pixie dust”.  We are supposed to believe that the flu shot will keep us from getting the flu when all medical evidence points to mediocre results at best. 

            How did we get to this point of needing a flu shot?  Here’s a historical perspective:  in 1918 millions of people died from the flu.  Why the outbreak?  One contributor was the influx of sick and injured soldiers returning from World War I affecting the overall health of the American population.   Another less known factor was rampant use, or better stated “misuse”, of aspirin.  Aspirin was developed and patented by Bayer in 1897.  With the patent expiring in 1917, Bayer had to take action to boost their financial interest.  Aspirin became aggressively marketed to the medical doctors and patients.  The problem was no one considered the side effects.  Aspirin suddenly became the leading cause of death in children due to toxicity.  For those with the flu aspirin was touted as the solution.  Since aspirin interfered with the expression of fever, this natural and powerful response by the body’s immune system to combat the cause was reduced. 

            With one less tool to fight the flu, in this case fever, countless lives were lost.  If aspirin had not been so widely abused in 1918 we would not be so fearful of the flu today.  That, my friends, is the rest of the story. 

“A Health-Centered Worldview”

“A Health-Centered Worldview”

     If you had elderly grandparents who immigrated to America, their stories seem to be universal.  How familiar does this sound to your family?  My mother’s parents immigrated from Italy.  They came to America dirt poor, traveling with belongings that fit in a small suitcase and having minimal education.  To summarize, poorly educated and no money.  How did things turn out?  My grandparents built a modest house with a beautiful garden in the backyard.  The home had enough space to entertain their kids and a deluge of grandkids.  They raised a family in which most of the kids became well educated and affluent by their parent’s standards. 

     How does this happen, from dirt poor to great lifestyle?  They came to America expecting a better life.  They were told they were coming to “the land of plenty” and that’s what they expected to find.  Recent studies show a greater percentage of immigrants have a higher chance of becoming a millionaire than a person born in this country.  Why?  Part of the answer is immigrants come to this country expecting to experience the bounty of America.

     What does becoming wealthy when people migrate to America have to do with your health?  Our country’s view of health is the opposite of wealth.  The health belief system in this country is rooted in getting the right medicines and surgeries.  Although statistics indicate that many immigrants can experience a higher quality of life in America, other countries have a much healthier standard of living.  America’s infant mortality rate, for example, is the highest of all industrialized countries.  We are like the New York Yankees, spending more money than other teams but in this case finishing in last place.

     Let’s shift our wealth view to a health view.  We can expect to be healthier as we create healthier lifestyle habits that help us live a mostly drugless and surgery-free life.  It is so possible.  Make your health let you feel like a millionaire! Health is truly your greatest wealth.  Ask anyone whose health is bankrupt.

“Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?”

Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?

          So much to do:  parties, holiday celebrations, people to see, family and friends.  Certainly not a time to get sick when fun is to be had.

          Starting with Halloween week, the sickness, often in the form of the flu, arrives.  Why does the flu have to have a season similar to baseball, football and hockey?  Is it possible your diet really hits the pits beginning with Halloween?

          We start our sugar binge shortly after Halloween by eating the candy the trick-or-treaters failed to pick up.  This is followed by eating the fine desserts that come with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our Thanksgiving feast often spreads from one day of thanks to weeks of bountiful sugar treats.

          Combine the Hanukkah and Christmas feasts of sweet foods and we are in a nose dive to sickness.

          What’s the connection between sugar and the flu?  Sugar impairs the power of the nervous system and immune system to adapt to the stressors of life.  Anyone else out there find the holidays stressful?

          Enjoy the season with some self-discipline and you will find that you enjoy the season, with family and friends, even more.

“A Woman’s Superpower”


“A Woman’s Superpower”

          Have you ever heard of man’s intuition?  Neither have I.  Everyone knows the accurate phrase is “woman’s intuition”.  Intuition is a superpower that women seem to be born with.  Several women have commented, “I wish my husband would use his intuition.”  Do I believe men have intuition?  Of course, we do.  The question is do we use it as often and effectively as women?  Women may have this intuitive superpower, but it must be used and developed to have it be a “superpower”. 

          There is another superpower we are all born with.  Research studies show that only approximately 10% of the population uses this power.  What is it?  It is a health consciousness, a knowing that health always comes from within and the best health solutions are ones that challenge your health consciousness to develop.  Remember, only 10% of the population uses this superpower. 

          Here is a quick story about accessing this superpower.  A young married couple badly wanted to start a family.  When no pregnancy resulted, they sought medical help.  All medical test showed it wasn’t going to happen for this wanting couple.  They then sought help through chiropractic care.  Regular spinal adjustments to change the functioning of the nervous system resulted in pregnancy a year later.  In other words, the ability to conceive was possible all along.  It just needed to be expressed.  This couple accessed another consciousness, the superpower of health.  One of our goals is to help you develop this superpower within you. 

“Be More Present”

Be More Present

     As a kid, I was a frequent sleepwalker.  It was a bit unnerving for my family, but it didn’t affect me at all.  How about you?  Are you or were you a sleepwalker?  I gave up doing it in my teens, but I admit, like most, I must fight the tendency to sleepwalk through my life.  This oddly enough shows up as a tendency to take the people and places in your life totally for granted.  You know the expression “Been there, done that”?  We get in trouble with our life, relationships, and health when we are in the “taking it all for granted” mode.

     Recently, the Peters Township police department gave in to our societal tendency to take driving for granted.  A 3-way stop sign at a 4-way intersection left drivers cursing and beeping in frustration.  Drivers frequently did a stop and go, totally overlooking the through way on the lane ahead.  These drivers routinely drove through the stop sign because it was what they automatically expected instead of what the sign required.  The proper response would have required driving with more awareness and presence.

     Ask most mates and “more awareness and presence” would be what is needed to lift up the relationship.  Awareness and presence are the presents you give to yourself and those you love.  They are also the key to true wellbeing.  Give it a shot!