Sleep Disorders

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night, welcome to the world of a busy adult in America.  No other culture critiques their quality of sleep like Americans.  No other culture crams activities into their day and crams sleep, like an activity, into their night. Ironically, sleep is one of the few things our body will do at the price of death to get it’s needs met.  Ever hear of someone falling asleep while behind the wheel of a car or truck?

One of the greatest compliments we hear in this office is “I always sleep better after an adjustment.”  Waking up rested and refreshed allows more of the best of you to show up.  Women and children especially seem to appreciate the improved quality of sleep.

Chiropractic care in this office is always directed at helping your nerves get more at ease.  The founders of our language know so well that dis – ease, or lack of ease, leads to disease.  You can be better!

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About Our Center

Dr. James J. MagerFounded in 1985 by Dr. James J. Mager our center provides complete Chiropractic care to the young and old, amateur and professional athletes and anyone who has discomfort or pain that won’t seem to go away. Health and wellness can be a reality for you.   Read more

Our Patients Say It Best

I had no fears of chiropractic before coming in for care. I just did not think it would help me as much as it has. I was afraid that only surgery would help me. I was wrong. Since beginning care I walk without a limp and am pain free most of the time. I sleep better, which is always good, and I feel more balanced and normal.

Keith M.
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