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“You Deserve Better”

“You Deserve Better”     In his despair, the dying patient wished he had taken better care of himself.  In this case it was a medical doctor who had been sick for decades.  “I would trade all the success, money,

“Hitting the Wall”

“Hitting the Wall”           Ever feel stuck in any area of your life?  Perhaps your relationships are in a rut, your weight loss program is stuck – perhaps even in reverse.  Your fitness program may now be a vague memory. 

” The Best Form of Control is Self-Control”

“The Best Form of Control is Self-Control”      An old friend expressed her frustrations openly.  “He drives me crazy!  He is so cheap!”  I didn’t know him.  I do know that a coin has two sides and we have

“Under Lock and Key West”

“Under Lock and Key West”      While vacationing in Key West recently it was hard not to stare at the young man and his bikini clad girlfriend on the chaise lounges next to the pool.  Actually, my eyes were

“The Old Man and the Pool”

“The Old Man and the Pool”      An old man, appearing to be in his early to mid-80’s, walked back and forth in the pool next to Biscayne Bay.  Looking reasonably fit and quite tan, he looked good for

“Hit by a Boomerang”

“Hit by a Boomerang”             A recent accident had the medical doctor recommending I take a blood thinner.  Never one to readily take any medicine including over-the-counter pills, I was quite resistant.  When sharing with a friend the doctor’s recommendation

“The Woman Who Changed My Life”

  THE WOMAN WHO CHANGED MY LIFE        You’ve heard the story 1,000 times. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. If the boy/young man is willing to get some discipline and get his act together, they just might

“There Are No Shortcuts to Good Health”

“There Are No Shortcuts to Good Health”      On a recent trip into the office during morning rush hour traffic, a middle-age woman caught my attention.  It wasn’t her appearance that caught my eye, it was her driving skills. 

“Antibiotics: Friend or Foe?”

  “Antibiotics:  Friend or Foe?”             Colon cancer has been in the news lately. Our national morning news shows featured a story about colon cancer affecting younger adults more than ever.  The doctor who was being interviewed gave two main

“Take Charge of Your Health”

Take Charge of Your Health      The middle-aged woman completed her intake forms at the doctor’s office and handed them to the nurse.  It was time for the patient’s annual physical as required by her health insurer.  “Wait,” said