Year: 2020

“Learning to be Still”

  “Learning to be Still”      As a fitness fanatic in her mid to late forties sped from gym equipment to equipment, she paused to confront me.  “Two yoga classes… I tried but I can’t do it.  In one

“Under the Gun”

“Under the Gun”      During this recent December, a busy month for everybody regardless of what you are celebrating, I found myself “on the run”.  Sleep became more difficult resulting in an attitude of pushing through some days.  Amazingly,

“What Do You Want?”

“What Do You Want?         Ask a person what they want to change about their health and the answer is often “I don’t want to be in pain” or “I don’t want to be tired all the time.”  That is

“Twin Killers: Aspirin and the Flu”

“Twin Killers:  Aspirin and the Flu”             With flu season about to make its usual appearance, the cries to “get your flu shot” are as loud as ever.  People often ask me if I got my shot.  My answer is